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The Back and Forth

The Medrash Hagadol on Parshas Vayetze i says that when it says Vayetzei Yaakov , it means that Yaakov is going to daven; meaning to ask HaShem’s permission to leave Eretz Yisroel.  He went to plead with the “ Pnei Hashechina ” face of The Divine Presence,  to find out if this is the path Hashem wants him to take. His whole process of marrying the 4 sisters, meeting Lavan, produces 11 out of 12 tribes begins with a Tefillah to Hashem asking Him what He wants. Based on this Medrash we understand that when a person reaches a specific stage of life and they understand that things need to be changed and one makes the decision to take a new path it is a decision of “ Vayetzei” . That decision empowers a person to Daven and ask Hashem what He wants as we see by Yaakov.  “So for me, yesterday at Mussaf , my three steps back before Shmone Esray was “ Vayetzei ”, my decision to make a change and become more. So then, my three steps forward for Mussaf was to find and discover new ways to ser

Prayer for successful radiation treatment

  steps for davening for successful radiation treatment:   ·        Hashem should guide the therapists to build reproducible and comfortable immobilization device for _________before her/his CT scan ·        Hashem should make the CT scan of _____________ clear so that the doctor can accurately identify the target ·        Hashem should guide the physician to accurately contour the target and choose the appropriate and most effective radiation dose and fractionation ·        Hashem should direct the planner working on __________’s radiation plan to elaborate appropriate beam angle, energies and shapes to aim at target only and spare all surrounding healthy tissues ·        Hashem should lead the physicist working on the linear accelerator/radiation machine to accurately calibrate the beam energies and constraints every day so that it delivers precise treatment ·        Hashem should guide therapists setting up _____________ every day on the treatment couch and using immob

Bikur Cholim Prayer 4

  In honor of the Refuah Shlaima of Ruchama Aviva Bas Shaina Chana Praying for all When I heard this concept, the  question arose for me, how can I fulfill this Mitzvah, especially if this is a Halacha,  if the “ choleh ”  we are davening for is in a state of illness  in which they are unable to speak, or respond? I then remembered how Dovid Hamelech expressed himself, his neshama as a Tefilla. “ואני תפילתי”  I am a Tefillah.  A tefillah, is the highest expression of a human being through speech and articulation. A Neshama is etched from Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Therefore the capacity to daven is not bound by a physical limitation.  So therefore I say “ Ado- nai ”!! - My Master… Sifasay Tiftach , You are the source of all that opens my lips, “ Ufee Yagid Tehillasecha ”  and then my mouth will express Your Tehillos” So i therefore ask You Hashem, Who is The Master of my Neshama, “ Adon Kol Hanishamos ” Master of ALL the Neshamos , “help me daven in such a way that inspires those who I am dav

Bikur Cholim in Prayer 3

Using the Halachos of Bikur Cholim in my Tefillah- In honor of Maras Aviva Bas Shaina Chana for a Refuah Shleima Hashavas Aveida Hashavas Aveida includes praying for Hashiva Shofteinu K’varishona, as part of what we can ask for Hashem to do for us during times of chaos, or injustice; or when one may feel vulnerable requiring a sense of stability. We now have an opportunity to say to Hashem we want a world in which He is restored, and we seek how what can be done to restore a sense of Mishpat! It is also and opportunity to focus on  the Bracha of Hashiveinu Avinu L’sorasecha , the ultimate Hashavas Avaidah is to restore us to Your Torah and serving you as is Your Ratzon. Meaning without Mishpat and Torah and Service of Hashem I am in a state of illness requiring Hashavas Aveida.   It is also a concept we can use by “ Emes, Viyatziv” to focus on a world of Emes, and ask to live in a world of Emes so we are comforted and supported in times when confronting a world of untruth.  And p

Bikur Cholim in Tefillah 2

  Using the Halachos of Bikur Cholim in my Tefillah- In honor of Maras Aviva Bas Shaina Chana for a Refuah Shleima Lo Saamod Al Dam Reyecha- If Hashem created me with a Neshama , do I not have to take care of my Neshama ,  and provide the necessary items my Neshama requires in order to live?  If I neglect my Neshama needs is that similar to standing by and not helping myself and G-d forbid a form of death? When I daven , it is my time to take stock of all of my needs for my nefesh , and make a Siddur, order of things I need so I can daven for them properly and not be a bystander . It is my opportunity to breathe Life in me . It is my air needed to live. So I think that each of the blessings in the morning is my opportunity to measure and take stock of my Neshama and my time to infusing life of Bracha in each part/level of my Neshama! Tefillah is my time to take very good care of my neshama for a continuous state of healing, and eternal life Biezras Hashem . It is my time

Bikur Cholim in Tefillah-1

Using the Halachos of Bikur Cholim in my Tefillah- In honor of Maras Aviva Bas Shaina Chana for a Refuah Shleima Bikur Cholim - Checking out the situation. To me this is acted out in Shmone Esray when I take my three steps back, to take the pause and contemplate before I approach Hashem in terms of Who am I approaching, In terms of Why am I approaching, and How am I approaching The Creator of The World. (M.S) Halachos of Bikur Cholim You can  call a family member and say, "Can I call, or should I email, or should I text “? You're never allowed to go into the room of a Choleh and just be silent. You are Not allowed to, because then you're putting pressure on the Choleh. If you have tension with the person, you are not allowed to visit, because the  person is vulnerable. You can't do it unless they specifically ask for you. If you're a close relative of someone who is sick, you may  go and visit right away. This category includes a  close relative, meaning a f

Blessing for Caregivers

  Blessings Of Those Who Care For The Sick Creator of the world, Our Father in Heaven, Hear our voices and our entreaties and give strength and encouragement for all those who care for the sick. Give them abundance of blessings, will power and help to continue in this difficult job, lacking thanks. That they should succeed to overcome all the difficulties and do their best. And, let us say Amen.  ברכת הדואגים לחולים   רבונו של עולם אבינו שבּשמים שמע קולינו ותחנונינו ותן כח ועדוד לכל אלה שדואגים לחולים.  תן להם שפע בּרכות - רצון ועזרה להמשיך  בּעבודה קשה זאת חסרת תודה. שׁיצליחו להתגבר על כל הקשיים ולעשׂות את מוטב יכולתם . ונאמר אמן.